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Diffuser Oils are here!  More scents coming soon!


Our oils are made with a blend of essential and aroma oils that are phthalate free, 100% concentrated and undiluted, sourced from businesses in the USA, and hand-poured and blended by us! 


Our oils are available in 10ml amber bottles with a dropper spout, which provides a great value, while still being portable! 


The amount of drops needed per use depends on the strength of the fragrances used (for example, mint scents often have a stronger scent throw than lavender), the size of the basin in your diffuser, the size of your room, and the strength you prefer your fragrance to fill in the room. Most cutomers and testers report using around 10 drops at a time and have reported having this quantity last for upwards of 20 hours+!  


All of our oils are skin safe and can be used in bath products.  However, we do not recommend applying directly to the skin, as we do not sell any bath products and have not tested for that. We recommend washing with soap and water if the oil comes in contact with your skin to prevent unwanted irritation or reaction.


If you spill on any surface, clean immediately.  Do not ingest.  Keep out of reach of pets and children. Store in a warm, dry area, away from direct sunlight and  extreme cold. Do not leave in a vehicle in order to maintain optimal scent quality. 

Waxspurts Diffuser Oil 10ml

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